Legal documents can get really messy, really quickly

Even at its simplest and most basic level, getting legal help has always been a hassle. This isn't necessarily limited to grandiose processes like filing multi-million dollar lawsuits - even the most elementary legal process, like writing a will or applying for someone's power of attorney, can require a veritable mountain of paperwork and countless logistical hurdles.

It doesn't have to be this way. Dealing with the law is just one of many, many areas in which new innovations like mobile form software can have a positive impact. Imagine if, instead of applying for a pile of forms, filling them out, consulting with lawyers and waiting days or even weeks for a response, the easiest way to handle legal documents was simply to fill them out using forms for iPad or other similar devices. This would be a dream come true - and it may not even be that far off from becoming a reality.

The trouble with forms

If filling out legal forms were a walk in the park, this would be an entirely different dilemma, but according to Lima Ohio, it's often quite difficult. Lee Schroeder, an attorney at Schroeder, Blankemeyer and Schroeder LLP in Ottawa, Ohio, explained to the news source that forms are often a huge pain.

"The forms offered online are typically generic and vague," Schroeder stated. "Often, they are not even state-specific. For example, those who use online will preparation software will frequently find that the suggested form is almost impossible to adapt to 'mixed' families that include half-siblings and step-siblings."

This sounds like quite a mess, and often, lawyers will suggest that the only solution is simply to call them. But why go through all of that hassle, inserting a middleman who will surely sap a great deal of your time and money, when you can instead take a simpler approach - fixing the form?

Great potential for improvement

Mobile technology has a great deal of promise when it comes to speeding up legal processes. Instead of using a form on a sheet of paper, which can be confusing and imprecise and not well-tailored to your specific needs, you can use a mobile app that will respond to your concerns and share important information about your legal outlook.

There few things in the world more annoying than overly complex legal mumbo-jumbo. Maybe, just maybe, mobile applications can help people sort through the confusion and handle their responsibilities quickly and painlessly.

Cal Brown