Five absolute musts when deploying mobile forms

Moving business process to the cloud is now considered a no-brainer. But, the way many companies actually tackle this task can often cause huge frustration, grey hair and anger.  Yet all of this can be avoided if certain steps are done in the right order.

Here are a few simple rules that can help ensure you achieve mobile forms mastery instead of mobile forms madness:

  1. Think tablet for your forms - not smartphone.  Real estate for your form is going to make or break you.  The tablet is so much more forgiving for mobile form design.  The only exception for this seems to be China. It’s a fact.  Don’t ask me why.
  2. Don’t mimic the old form – you will absolutely fail.  You must invent a new process that morphs the form into logical steps for online and offline form submissions.  It may be a little harder to map this at first, but it’s the only way to go if you are going to follow best practices for the mobile forms world.
  3. Clearly see where you are heading but always start small. Small wins help everyone see the Promise Land.  Let your champions play with the new mobile forms app. First be tactile. Then be tactical. Then be strategic.  This is how you succeed in changing business process to leverage the cloud.
  4. Iterate fast. There is just no reason a mobile form upgrade should take months to accomplish.  Even seemingly small details – like larger form tabs – can win major applause in the field.
  5. Speaking of field – get out there now. Hang with your field reps and watch them using the forms in action.  You are going to learn more in an hour that you will thinking it through in a vacuum.  Nothing beats working the beat!
Cal Brown