Mobile Form Design Takes Real Talent

If you don’t already know Luke Wroblewski, you may want to become acquainted with him. Especially if you like mobile forms that are sleekly designed. I am fat fingered and suffer from ADD (or at least that’s my excuse for not following instructions). So I can get really miffed when I am trying to fill in a form and stuff disappears because I am trying to open the data entry box and it disappears every time I move my cursor to it.

Mobile forms bring this data entry frustration to a crescendo. That’s why Luke’s new book Web Form Design Filling in the Blanks might be a good buy if you are a form designer. This is not a plug. I don’t know Luke from a hole in the wall but I have read his insights concerning good design for mobile forms and its first rate. You’ll find a quick synopsis of some of his best tips here: is a powerful data collection platform but at the end of the day you need a good designer to make it all work. My wife Lorraine would call it “presentation”. So if designing mobile forms is your thing, read Luke. Or follow him on Twitter @lukew. You won’t go wrong.

Cal Brown