Avoiding common data errors when working with mobile forms

Companies of all different types, consumer-facing and otherwise, have a great deal of potential when they make the move to adopt mobile form software. They can add efficiency to every data collection procedure they use in their everyday workflows, which can help them not only gather information from customers but also manage their own labor internally. Mobile forms make every gear in the machine work better.

All adopters of mobile forms need to be aware, however, of the risk for data errors in the process. People who fill out forms on their tablets and other similar devices are sometimes rushed and inattentive when they do so, and if they make mistakes in entering critical information, it can upset the flow of data within a company and cause messes that become difficult to clean up later.

According to TechRadar, it's important to identify and prevent the top causes of data error in an enterprise. Jeffery Brown, product manager at data specialist Infogix, cautioned that the flow of data from such sources as third-party form users presents one such potential problem.

Identifying data errors

Brown explained that unfortunately, there are many, many different causes of data errors within a company's operations. Some are the fault of customers who get in touch with their favorite brands and supply their own personal information, while other mistakes are attributable to companies' workflows internally.

Mistakes routinely happen when people are inputting data via mobile forms and they make typos or other careless errors. Mishaps are also common in other situations, though, such as when data is processed from one department to another within a business and for whatever reason, it's mishandled. It's important that companies work to eliminate all of the above problems.

Reducing future risks

While data errors may never be fully eliminated, there are plenty of things that businesses can do to reduce their risk of having trouble down the road.

"There are three components to reducing the risk of data errors: Focus on people, process, and technology," Brown told TechRadar. "By ensuring that people understand the data, what are the guidelines to follow, and how to improve data quality, organizations can reduce risk greatly. Through a proper process, companies can implement the appropriate data governance initiatives and framework, which creates structure and accountability to data."

Mobile form software makes a fantastic resource for companies in search of ways to quickly and painlessly corral large volumes of information, but it needs to be used responsibly. Proceed with caution.

Cal Brown