Can mobile forms smooth out workflow issues on Election Day?

The United States is a nation founded upon its democratic process, which is to say that in theory, without people showing up to the polls and voting, the entire system crumbles. Unfortunately, though, the simple process of casting a vote has become muddled and convoluted by numerous difficulties that get in the way.

Whether it's a long line at the polling place on Election Day, a pile of paperwork to fill out for registration or any one of countless other logistical hoops to jump through, it's always something. The supposedly simple act of participating in a democracy is full of these issues.

There's hope, though, that modern technology can shore up some of the fundamental problems. For example, mobile form software can be used to smooth out all that paperwork and eliminate  a lot of the logistical hassles that come along with casting a vote on Election Day.

According to Port City Daily in Wilmington, North Carolina, there are already plenty of high-tech innovators out there looking to make a difference. For example Charles Davis, chief financial officer for Sivad Business Solutions, is working in more than 75 voting jurisdictions across the United States in what he calls the "'elections process market," working to make voting easier for everyone.

"We think there's a national play," Davis told the news source. "We have the technology. It's proven in the market."

Currently, when the typical citizen sets out to cast a vote, he or she first has to appear in person at an elections office, fill out a whole stack of forms, then usually pay some sort of fees. This is an exhaustive process for many, but it's one that can be quickly ameliorated by using mobile technologies to speed things along.

Innovators like Charles Davis are cropping up everywhere, and they're working to bring the mobile revolution to the democratic system.

Cal Brown