Electronic health records bring hospital waiting rooms into 21st century

On some level, pretty much every single aspect of our daily lives is one that could benefit from some high-tech improvements. Name any process you go through - anything at all - and chances are, there's theoretically some way to make it faster, more convenient or more highly optimized. But perhaps no ordeal could benefit from upgrades more dramatically than that of sitting in a hospital waiting room.

We've all been through it - we get to the doctor's office, and whether it's an emergency or a regularly scheduled checkup, either way, there are all sorts of logistical hurdles to jump through before we can get the care we need. There are minutes to wait, questions to answer and - of course - forms to fill out.

No one can make going to the doctor a fun experience. That's just not possible. But through the use of better high-tech resources, like mobile form software for example, there are ways to make the waiting room a slightly less miserable place for patients everywhere.

One success story

Fortunately, there are already some high-tech innovators working to improve the hospital waiting room experience. VentureBeat recently shined a spotlight on one of them - a startup called Epion Health has developed a patient engagement platform that helps people coordinate their medical appointments from their mobile devices, without having to concern themselves with long waits or messy piles of forms.

Joe Blewitt, chief executive officer of Epion, told the news source that now's the time for his technology and others like it to shine.

"This additional capital comes into the company at an exciting time. We now have the necessary resources for the foreseeable future to capitalize on a very large market opportunity. In addition to growing our sales and operations teams, a portion of the funding will be used to continue to enhance our product for our rapidly growing network of providers."

More improvement still needed

People in today's world crave speed and convenience, and sure enough, mobile hospital technologies offer an effective means of giving it to them. It shouldn't be long before this is commonplace in hospitals worldwide.

There are few places on Earth more boring and frustrating than a hospital waiting room. No one likes going to the doctor, but what's even worse is having to sit and wait for one. If mobile forms can make that ordeal more manageable, there's every reason in the world for people to embrace them.

Cal Brown