Going Beyond Data Collection

Electronic form software providers are commonplace now. A quick Google search will provide you with dozens of companies who can assist a business with its data collection needs. Even Google Docs provides a simple solution for basic data collection.

Unfortunately, most form software solutions stop at data collection. They don’t trigger resulting actions, notify appropriate parties, or integrate with other business software or legacy systems. They don’t provide the workflow necessary to make the business data work for the business itself. An enterprise level electronic form solution provides you a form solution and the tools necessary to automate workflow to improve business processes.

In addition to automated workflow, enterprise level form software providers assist your business through every step to ensure that your electronic form transition is successful.

What can an automated workflow do for my enterprise?

Workflow is your business process. It’s how you keep your business functioning from day to day. When data is collected in the field, it is sent to the appropriate parties to notify, process, and task further. Automating your workflow allows you to focus efforts on improving the most important aspects of your business and strengthen your enterprise.

An electronic form software with automated workflow can provide automation, tracking, auditing, and integration for you enterprise. A form solution with workflow ensures the success of your enterprise’s data operations through flexibility, security, and most importantly accuracy.


Automation is the most important aspect of a mobile form workflow solution. It increases productivity and decreases time spent on low value tasks. Electronic form automation enables an enterprise to schedule tasks and events based on responses, generate alerts, and establish escalation paths for approval. An automated solution also ends process lapses where data is not immediately forwarded upon completion. Through cloud-based operations, data is available to necessary parties instantly.


An enterprise form solution doesn’t only provide a solution for data, it enables a business to see what’s going on in their business in real-time. Electronic forms allow enterprises to define access and data submissions can include metadata about the submitter themselves including GPS location and completion date and time. Business owners can maintain control over their workforce without constant meetings and follow-up.


With automated workflow, auditing is easy. Logic can be built into electronic forms to ensure they are completed correctly. Features such as including required fields ensure that data is comprehensive. Once submitted, an approval function can be built in to pass a form or redirect it back to the submitter for correction or completion. This feature can be especially useful in field inspections.


A mobile electronic form solution must integrate with your existing business software and processes to be successful. The goal is to strengthen your data enterprise, not completely re-invent it. Whether your enterprise uses SalesForce, QlikView, or other third party software or proprietary database, your mobile form software must be able to integrate with your existing solution.

What else does an enterprise electronic form solution provide my business?

In addition to workflow, an enterprise grade form software provider assists you to ensure your data enterprise success. Enterprise level providers don’t just provide the business software, they help configure it so it is tailored specifically for the business needs. They also provide technical support as needed. Additionally, enterprise level form providers provide secure off-site storage of your business data ensuring its safety.

Cal Brown