The day is coming when you will turn your ankle to fill out a form

When I go see my doctor he spends 80% of his time pecking at the keyboard. Occasionally he will look up and make eye contact. I can see the frustration and pain in his eyes. He was trained to be a physician not a slave to medical forms.

My doctor is retiring soon. Pity. He won’t see that magical moment when the technology becomes truly an aid rather than an obstacle to quality care.

One improvement I see in the medical forms space will be the use of a camera to record physical impairments and have this mobility problem recorded in the medical intake forms via Kinect-based gesture recognition. Thank you game technologies, and thank you Microsoft, for assisting in development of this area.

As I envision it, the patient will be asked to bend a limb and extend to its fullest capacity and this be gesture will automatically be logged into the medical form. The next step might involve an API call to a medical database that returns a score on where this flexibility falls along the bell curve for like aged persons.

I can also see the insurance companies loving this kind of data to handle personal injury cases.

Cal Brown