User-friendly forms represent the wave of the future

Internet users find themselves filling out forms practically every day at some point or another - whether it's ordering a product online, subscribing to a new stream of content or for any other reason, there are countless instances where people are asked to provide their personal information.

For many, this is seen as a hassle, a waste of five perfectly good minutes from their days that they could have spent doing something more exciting. But there is good news on this front: As technology steadily improves, Internet companies are working to make the process less painful. Form software is slowly but surely evolving, and with any luck, this should turn those five minutes into 30 seconds - or even less.

One such improvement is the growth of autofill capabilities, which should make it easier for people to enter all those names, addresses and phone numbers using their mobile devices. Google has long made autocomplete a basic feature of its Chrome web browser for desktop and laptop PC users, expediting form completion for all of these individuals - but according to eWeek, the feature won't be limited to desktops and laptops for long. Mobile users are soon to discover that same capability.

"Today, we're starting to roll out new features on Chrome for mobile to help save you time and hassle while you're on the go," commented Ruslan Abdikeev and Jim Blackler, two Google software engineers behind the project.

Traditionally, computers and mobile devices have each had their own distinct advantages. Computer users have a great deal of speed and capability, while those who prefer mobile have the advantage of being able to access their data portably from anywhere. Both have their merits. But as mobile forms software improves, we're quickly discovering that people can get all of the above advantages simply from picking up their smartphones or tablets. It's an exciting time to be a mobile user.

Cal Brown