Web scraping, Touch and Voice in your forms – it’s only a matter of when

Here at WorldAPP, we have interesting conversations about what online forms need to do every day.

Actually, it is more the case that our customers and prospects start interesting conversations about what online forms need to do every day and we get to listen to them as they list a concoction of rather unique functions they need their forms to perform in order to replace their current process.

Of course the forms need to be mobile. That’s non-negotiable. The forms need to work offline and sync up later. And, in the world of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the forms need to work on whatever devices the field teams are using.

But it’s really after these basic conditions are met that the real fun starts. Every day we are being trained in the new ways our customers want to use mobile forms and under what conditions and restraints these forms must operate.

And here’s where it gets tricky. Every day the bar for their expectations is being set on what popular consumer apps are doing to our brains. From Candy Crush to Angry Birds and Google Glass we are being trained in news ways to operate in cyberspace - new ways to search, manage and organize data.

Yesterday for example, I was speaking Alex Zagvasdin, our CTO, and I was going gaga over how the iPhone lets me take a picture of a phone contact and then pinch that bad boy with my fingers to make it "just so" in my personal phone list.

"How cool is that" I said to him. "We should have that capability when people take pictures on Form.com".

Alex agreed but I could tell by his expression that I was missing the thousand constraints and variables that this "nice to have" feature would carry along with it. He was thinking like a developer and I was thinking like a user.

The world of technology constantly reminds us that there will never come a day when we can say "We’re done". Reminds me of Edwin Land’s famous quote…"never attempt something unless it’s almost impossible"

Form.com fits the bill.

Cal Brown