What’s New: Our Apps Are Now Multilingual

When you run a global business, you need technology that operates across borders. WorldAPP’s latest release has some great features that’ll help you break down those barriers and be successful everywhere your business operates.

WordAPP is helping customers from 84 countries

Form.com - Multilingual mobile apps

Multilingual User Portal and Mobile App

With over 6,000 recognized languages in the world, one of the biggest challenges that comes with running a global organization is communication. We’ve long made it possible for you to run surveys and forms in multiple languages, but with WorldAPP’s latest release you’ll also be able to set the language for our mobile and tablet applications. Your users will now experience Form.com and Key Survey in their preferred languages from login to submission.

Portal administrators will be able to set which languages are supported for each portal, pre-determine the default language a user should view the portal in, and set translations for any custom tabs and links.

Portal users will be able to change their language from the list of supported languages in the app settings page.

Form.com - Multilingual

User Experience Improvements

We’ve also made some improvements to the user interface of our contact manager. It’s now much easier to create and edit contact lists, and we’ve improved our error reporting when uploading contacts via CSV file. Admins will also now have the ability to change a contact’s password with just the click of a button.

Your Global Technology Partner

We’ve loved seeing our customers deploy our technology around the globe for so many different uses: inspecting delivery trucks in Australia, surveying farmers in Africa, auditing retail stores across North America, and many more. By adding complete multilingual capabilities to our offline applications, we hope to ensure that there truly isn’t a place on this earth where Form.com and Key Survey can’t reach.

Our customers submit around67.5K responses per day* average number of respondents for SaaS users in 2015

The latest versions of Key Survey and Form.com, released on July 9th, have automatically rolled out to our Software-as-a-Service customers. If you host our application on your own servers, please talk to your Customer Success Manager to find out how you can get access to these great new features.

Liam Davies
Vice President, Customer Success